As a family you will determine whose job it is to do what.

You may assign each person a landmark and they provide the story for that place, or you may assign each person a specific event.

For example, One person could do a story on crossing a river and another so a story about gathering provisions etc.

You will view examples of various diaries at the website: This is the correct address even though they spelled dairies instead of diaries.

You may use

to gain information about life on the Oregon Trail.

The following websites are... this will give you information about the most important landmarks.

Something to ponder.

What would it have been like for me?

Did I want to go or did I have to?

What was my family like?

What was the food like?

What was my social life like?

What was the entertainment or games I played?

What were my chores, work, or responsibilities?

What was my physical health like?

What was my emotional health like?

What was school like?

Did I hunt?

What date did I leave and when did I arrive?

What type of transportation did I have? wagon (What type), wheelbarrow, Morman cart etc.

What types of environment did I encounter?

A. Weather - rain, snow, heat, dust storms, thunderstorms, ice

B. Terrain - hills, rivers, mountains, ruts, desert,

C. Animals - snakes,mountain lions, bears, buffalo, rabbits, skunks

D. Indians - friendly and help, or hurt?

What problems did I have and how did I solve them?

What were my fears?

Did I get injured on the trip?

Did I get along with my family?

Did I help my family?

What were my thoughts when I first arrived at my new home?





If you have any questions, I will be glad to help you.

You may be creative and design your own diary.

Pictures are fine as long as they pertain to the story and you write a good amount.

Don't get stuck drawing and not have time to finish your diary.