by Sandie Webster, Garden Valley Public School

Divide the students into groups. These will be referred to as family groups from now on. Members of the groups must determine their role and age in the family. Your students will be required to write a believable journal recording aspects of their trip. Each family member is required to keep a written journal of their trip. It must match with the experiences of the other family members. Family participation,cooperation,problem-solving, and compromise will be qualities to encourage in this lesson. There are many sources available for the students, such as websites,books,video's, museums, chamber of commerse, etc.

Teacher Introduction

The Oregon Trail Journal is a great tool and a fun way for student's to research and learn what it was like on the Oregon Trail.

This lesson will...

Build their knowledge about the Oregon Trail

Strengthen their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills

Help them recognize the value of a family working together

Enhance their writing ability

Broaden their knowledge of U.S. Geography