Choose three to five of the following interest areas in column 1.  You may click on links in column 2 to do your research.

COLUMN 1                                   COLUMN 2

1.  Culture


Wisconsin "Firsts"

Food & Culture 

Wisconsin Folks **

2.  Geography


The Land Where We Stand **

Wisconsin Lakes **

Cities and Towns ** (KF)

3.  Vacation Spots 

Travel Wisconsin **

Camping at State Parks (KF)

Things to do in Wisconsin  (KF)

4.  Military or Police

General guide for information 

Military News 

Wisconsin Veterans Kids Page **(KF)

Wisconsin Police Dog Dharma**

Special Agent Addie **

5.  Cheese


Cheese Facts 


6.  Inventors

US Inventors by State

7.  Animals

Wisconsin Critter Corner * (KF)

8.  Winter Sports

Guide to Winter Sports  * (KF)

Safety * (KF)

Ice Fishing * (KF)

9.  Sports Teams 


Guide to teams 


10. Summer Sports 


Guide to summer sports **


11. Famous People 


Famous people from Wisconsin (KF)

Biographies of famous people

12. History

Wisconsin History & Symbols *

13. Education


Appleton Schools 

All Wisconsin Schools 

14. Religion 

In USA/Wisconsin  

15. Political 

Wisconsin political offices 


Political Parties in Wisconsin 

16. Your choice video library      

U-Tube Wisconsin  * (KF)
 * video available     ** pictures available    (KF) kid friendly




You will write a guided diary page on each of the 3-5 interest areas that you choose.  Click on the link below to get to the diary pages.  Think through all of your answers.  You need these pages to help you recall what you learned.  You may put extra notes on them or draw pictures.  Be as thorough as possible.

You may print diary pages and fill them out with your pencil or you may fill them out on the computer and then print them.  When you are finished, place them in the "National Treasure" box on my desk and make an appointment for your teacher conference on the time sheet.

If you are ready, click on Guided Diary Pages.


First, click on the link to see the front page and title to our Book of Secrets.  I hope you like it!

Let's review:

For the next few days, we will be making our presentations and working on our class book.  When it is complete, "A National Treasure - Wisconsin" will be placed in our class library for anyone to check out.