by Ben DeSantis, Neuse Baptist Christian School

This project is designed to give students a better understanding of why C.S. Lewis wrote The Screwtape Letters and how it impacted WWII England. A secondary purpose is to see how it compares to other apologetic writings Lewis penned.


For the next six weeks, you will be reading The Screwtape Letters. On the surface, it is a tremendous bit of satire -- possibly the best C.S. Lewis has to offer. But underneath the satire is something much deeper. It is a "first-hand" look into the lives of those who desire nothing more than to prepare a soul for hell or to see a Christian stumble and fall away from God.

While the letters are from a different time and place -- World War II England -- their message is still pertinent. In 31 different pieces, a high-ranking tempter divulges encouragement, chastisement, strategy and warnings to his nephew, who is a wet-behind-the-ears tempter just out of "college".

Your mission for the next month and a half is to dissect the letters and uncover the lies Screwtape deals in six different areas: Faith, fear, God, pleasure, relationships and time. Use the Bible as your lens through which to view the letters -- it won't fail you.

This particular assignment allows you to research Lewis and his other works to discover why he wrote the book and how it still applies to the Christian life. Compare it to Lewis's other apologetic works. In a two-week span, you will research and write a paper detailing the lies in one particular area.