by Mario Jacquez, Barton Elementary
Diane Main, Milpitas Christian School
Karen McKelvey, Curie Elementary

Welcome to Unearthing Early California Communities, a WebQuest designed to explore and evaluate how geography impacted the lives of the Native Americans who originally lived in your community (3rd grade) or the major regions of California (4th grade).

Students will work in groups as archaeologists to uncover the different aspects of Native American life and create a "Pringles Can Report," a mural, or a PowerPoint slide show to share their findings.


Imagine going back in time before computers, television, and even electricity!  What was life like before all these things existed?  How did people in the Southern Desert get water?  How did people along the Northern Coast know a tsunami was about to strike? 

Welcome, archaeologists, to Unearthing Early California Communities.  Working as a team, your group will uncover the mysteries of life before outsiders came to California.  Who lived here and what was their day-to-day life like? What role did geography play in their day-to-day lives?