by Eleanor Long, Pacific University

Modified by Kerri Mitchell, Hart High School

This WebQuest will allow students to apply their knowledge of trigonometric, geometric and measuring concepts to redesign a pedestrian foot bridge to make it ADA certified.


 Hello folks.  As some of you know, I have a passion for being outside.  Lately when I have been walking the Amazon Creek pedestrian path, I noticed that a pedestrian bridge that crosses the creek in a very tranquil place is inaccessible to folks who are dependent on wheelchairs for transport.  I adamently believe that the green areas of our city should be accessible to all- therefore I am proposing that this class, Algebra 11 honors, work on a project that redesigns the bridge so that it is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) certified.  This project will be highly interactive with a field trip to the bridge site, trips/phonce calls to local building suppliers, and will use the web as a primary resource to gather crucial information.  The project will culminate into a class presentation whereas you will present your bridge as if you were presenting to Eugene City Council.  The skills and knowledge you will apply to successfully complete this project will highly transferable in your future endeavours. Happy Trails.