by Nichole Frazier, Clover Hill High School

This WebQuest explores the music, art, and literature of the Harlem Renaissance, in an effect to give students a broader understanding of how the arts were interconnected in themes and ideas during this time. Students will use the knowledge from various web resources, in order to create their own "exhibits" of the Harlem Renaissance. In effect, students will show what they have found interesting/intriguing about this culture and time period, and teach each other.


The Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia wants you!

As a consultant on the design committee of the Black History Museum in Virginia, you have been asked to create an exhibition for the Harlem Renaissance. The directors of this museum feel that many of the families and students who visit do not truly appreciate or understand the arts of the Harlem Renaissance. They are asking you to create an exhibit that will dazzle visitors and have them leaving with new insights about this rebirth of African American culture.

If successful, you will be awarded 49,387 dollars and a copper bust of you will be placed at the entrance of the museum in your honor.