by Jen, Jim, And Rashida

This webquest helps students discover persuasive techniques and sparks an interest in current events.



A Russian man walked into a supermarket in 1980 and looked around smiling.  A woman nearby became curious and asked why he looked so happy.

"Well," he said, "I just arrived from Russia."

"Oh," she answered.  "Did you leave because it was too cold there?"

"No," he responded.

"Did you leave because you have family here?"


"Well, why did you leave?" she finally asked.

"I couldn't complain!" he exclaimed.


The Russian man in the story above obviously appreciated his right to free speech.  As Americans in 2008, we often take our freedom of speech for granted.  Part of that freedom of speech is our ability to vote for a president that we feel will provide our country with quality leadership for four years.  Many Americans choose not to vote, citing lack of time or knowledge as excuses; however, if we are to expect the best from our president, we must expect the best from ourselves.

This project will help you overcome the obstacles of "lack of time and knowledge."  You will use the Internet to discover the views of the presidential candidates and the methods used by the media to portray each candidate.  You will take your new-found knowledge and use it to write a letter for our high school newspaper which can help enlighten the student body.  Enjoy yourself as you use your right to free speech!