by Brian West, SDSU

Supposing that Ernest Hemingway lived for another decade (until 1971) what kind of stories would he have written? What political and social issues during the turbulent decade of the 1960s would have found their way into his writing?


The 1960s represented one of the most turbulent and pivotal decades in American history.  Our nation underwent major changes in the way citizens perceived war, civil rights, labor, and women.  Supposing that Ernest Hemingway had lived through the sixties, how would the events of this decade affect his writing?  War is present in many of Hemingway's works, but how would the unprecedented conflict in southeast Asia be treated in the hands of such a traditional author?  What would Hemingway have written about the civil rights movement in the south, or California's migrant labor movement?  Considering his treatment of women in many of his works, would the "second wave" of women's liberation have found its way into his fiction?

You are going to find out.