by Enrique Black, Antioch University Seattle

Students will discover the Ancient Civilization of Mesopotamia, and formulate an opinion on how Ancient Mesopotamia relates to our current day society.Students will enhance their research skills, and increase their knowledge of how the world has evolved over the last few thousands of years.This will inherently give them a better understanding of how their world works today.






After having spent the last few weeks on Studying the Ancient Land of Mesopotamia,Students will investigate and support positions on how Ancient Civilization helped us and / or harmed our current society, why, and what we can do.
We will discover this ancient civilization through the lens of many disciplines to further our understanding as to how this society relates to us.
How does this Ancient Society compare to our own, and did this society help to shape modern society? Why or Why not? How did aspects such as the economy, religion, government, and other factors allow them to live? In what ways does their model for civilization compare to our own? Over the next couple of weeks, we will be able to answer this question and much more.You will become several different occupations in your examination of Mesopotamia. This will easily allow you to tell the differences and similarities. If you do not have an exciting real life experience, I'm going to need tissue! Just Kidding. Have Fun!