by Mona Johnson, Bautista Creek Elementary

This WebQuest is designed to address geography (continents), science (data collection, and terminology) and language arts (vocabulary, comprehension and written/oral language conventions as well as development of the Safari Guide for presentation). I have included standards from both 1st and 3rd grades to demonstrate the grade range although standards spiral so it may adapted for other levels. Students will work either alone or in groups to identify all seven continents then travel to each continent to identify 2 native animals and record data on each animal. Students also need to have a picture/drawing of each animal to include in their Safari Guides. Each student will create a Safari Guide which includes all data collected, drawings/pictures, etc. to present and share with their classmates.




EXPLORERS WANTED!!!! Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to journey around the world in search of native animals. You will be stopping at each of the seven continents to collect these native animals so pack your bags (don't forget the sunscreen!) and get ready for an adventure!