by Cassie Brown, James Madison University

The goal of this webquest is to have students understand the overall concepts of survival, power, and evolution. Students will examine certain historical events, song lyrics, and modern culture for examples of the guiding concepts. The examples students use relate directly to the book "Lord of the Flies."


This web quest incorporates the novel "Lord of the Flies" with current political candidate Barack Obama.  You will focus on different perspectives,  messages, and political ideas with relation to power. 

As you navigate through the webquest, you will take on a role of someone different than yourself.  Think about how they would react reading the news articles and current issues in the campaign.  Think about how their lives will be affected by the outcome. 

Lord of the Flies also addresses power, but on a much smaller scale.  As you are researching Obama's ideas on power, think about how the boys on the island chose their leaders.