by Barbara Day, Phillips Traditional School

Modified by Deirdre Jameson, Our Lady of Peace Catholic School

The students will learn about the factors leading to the American Revolution. After conducting their research, they will portray an American Revolutionary War figure at the Revolutionary War Tea Party.


This WebQuest is designed for students to gain a deeper understanding of the reasons behind the Revolutionary War.  

There's a Revolution Coming!!

Which side will you be on?













Will you be a Patriot? 
    Patriots served in the Continental Army that fought against the British.

Will you be a Loyalist?
    Loyalists stayed loyal to England and King George III.

You will be assigned a key figure from the American Revolutionary War.  You will research that figures background and contributions to the War.  You will need to learn about the American Revolution, people involved and key issues.  Use the note taking forms to record your information and your sources. Be sure to take notes thoroughly.  The better your notes are, the easier writing the questions and answers will be.  Your notes will be part of your final grade.