The Research

Steps you will use to find information about your tribe:

  1. Select the Native American Research Log page for your resource.

  2. Record the information about the resource in the boxes at the top of the Native American Research Log.

  3. Write your notes under the different questions.  Remember to use fact fragments!

In school the Native American Research Log pages will be provided. If you need one at home, click on the links below:

 Information to Research

In your group decide which 2 subjects each person will be researching.  They will become experts in those subjects.   

The Resources

You must use at least 3 different resources for your research.

Library books

Look in the 970s section of the library.  The books on Native Americans are in the history of North America.  

Print Encyclopedia

The library has 2 copies of World Book Encyclopedia.  They are located on a cart.

Online Encyclopedia

The Britannica Online School Edition Encyclopedia - Elementary School

You can access from a school computer without a username and password.  To use this encyclopedia from home, please ask your teacher for the username and password.

Web Sites

Use the following websites to assist in your research and collection of necessary information.

Shelters for all tribes - scroll down and look for your tribe based on their region: Native America Houses 



Web Sites


The Plains

The Southwest Native Americans

Apache Indian Fact Sheet

Daily Life in Olden Time Southwest Apache Indians


The Plains

Comanche Indian Fact Sheet

The Comanche


The Crow Tipi

Crow Indian Fact Sheet


The Northwest

Haida Indian Fact Sheet

Pacific Northwest Native Americans


The Southwest

Hopi Indian Fact Sheet

Who are the Hopi?


Northeast Woodlands

Iroquois Indian Fact Sheet

Daily Life in Olden Times Northeast Iroquois Nation

First Americans: Iroquois Confederacy

Iroquois Clothing


  The Southwest Native Americans

Navajo Indian Fact Sheet

First Americans: Dine ( Navajo) Landscape

Daily Life in Olden Times Soutwest Navajo Indians


(also spelled Ojibwa or Ojibway)

Ojibway Indian Fact Sheet

Ojibwe Culture

Fun Facts about the Ojibwe Indians

Daily Life in Olden Times Woodland Ojibway/Chippewa Indians

Sioux/ Dakota/ Lakota

The Plains

Dakota Indian Fact Sheet

Lakota Indian Fact Sheet

Lakota and Dakota Sioux Fact Sheet

First American: Lakota (Sioux)

Daily Life in Olden Times The Sioux Nation


Tlingit Indian Fact Sheet

First Americans Tlingit Landscape

Pacific Northwest Native Americans



Project Choices

Your group will share information about your tribe in one of these three ways.
  1. A visual product such as a mobile, a model or a poster.
  2. A kinesthetic product such as a play or a puppet show.
  3. A musical product such as a song or a rap.

Game Choices

Your group will create a game to reinforce your tribe's information s in one of these two ways.
  1. A game using technology
  2. A game without technolgy

Using images found on web sites

You may use images found on the web site you used for your research if you provide the information where the image is from. 

Here is an example:

Description of picture [Online image.] Available at : complete web site address (url)

Pueblo City [Online image.] Available at: