The first part of this task you will complete individually.  Your teacher will give you four evaluation sheets to complete. You will need one for each site under consideration:

Bamako, Mali;
Nairobi, Kenya;
Kinshasa, DRC;
Joannesburg, South Africa.

Visit the links provided to gather the information you need. Assign a rating of 1 (poor) to 4 (excellent) for each of the criteria listed. You may go through the  entire list and complete all the criteria for one site at a time, OR evaluate each site on the same critieria before moving on. In addition to the numerical rating, you should also write up a brief (2-3 sentences) explanation as to why you awarded it that number.  You will need that information when you are put into teams to discuss your findings.

Evaluation Criteria

Climate: Temperature, rainfall, growing seasons

Vegetation: Plant growth, forests, grasslands

Population: Number of people living in the immediate area 

Wealth: Per capita or GDP of the country

Transportation: Are there adequate means of moving materials/people in and out?

Education: Literacy rate and availability of schools 


Rating Scale

4: Clearly outstanding.  The site far surpasses what the company needs.

3: Acceptable.  Meets most of the company's needs most of the time.

2: Marginally acceptable.  Meets some of the company's needs some of the time.

1: Unacceptable.  Meets few of the company's needs.

0: Clearly unacceptable.  Meets none of the company's needs. 


Things to consider before you assign rating numbers:

1.      SDI (the company that hired you) is interested in gathering raw material to              ship to other factories.  Does the site have raw materials (minerals, forests,              etc.) nearby?  Are there ways (transportation) to ship materials?  Will the              location make it easy or difficult to get the materials out?           

2.      SDI is interested in raising crops for humans and farm animals at the site.  Is          the climate in the area good for growing crops? Does it get enough rainfall? Is          the country wealthy enough to support a project like this?

3.      SDI will need to hire many skilled people for this project.  Are there enough              people living in the area?  What is the literacy rate?


Links to Gather Information

CIA Factbook

United Nations Cyber School Bus

(There is an especially helpful link on the UN site called "Infonation" which allows you to compare data among countries.) 

Africa Focus - Sights and Sounds

Online Newspapers from Around the World



Now that you have your initial rankings, it is time to get into your groups and discuss your findings.  Assign one person in the group to be the recorder.  You may wish to rotate this responsibility as you go through the criteria so everyone has a chance to fill this role. 

Looking at one critieria at a time, each person should share their ranking for each of the sites.  The recorder should make a note of these.  If there are wide differences in the scores among the group members, try to reach a consensus score. Remember the specific goals of the client.  Refer back to your written explanations to justify your positions.

After the group has reviewed the data for all four sites, total the scores to see which has the highest overall ranking.  That should be the one you recommend to SDI, unless...

It is possible that you feel some of the critieria should be given more weight than the others.  If this is true, it may be that the site with the highest overall score is NOT the one you wish to recommend.  If this is the case, you will need to make some sort of accommodations.  Perhaps it will mean doubling the score for a criteria you feel is more important, or reducing some other.  Just be sure to explain whatever changes you made to the original scoring procedure in your final evaluation.



Now that you have finished your research and discussion, it is time to write up the formal recommendation to your client.  Your paper should be no less than 500 words and contain the following essential elements:

1.     An opening paragraph explaining the purpose of the report and      
        how the information was gathered.

2.     Two or three paragraphs to officially report which site was recommended
        and the reasons for making that selection. (Don't write about the other sites             here.)

3.     One or two paragraphs explaining why the other sites were eliminated
        from consideration.  (If you made any changes to the scoring procedures,                 you should explain them here.)

4.     A concluding paragraph thanking the client for their business and offering     
        to meet to answer any questions or concerns they may have with the report.