The Irish Seal Sanctuary is a Registered Charity (CHY No. 11450) that provides shelter, treatment and rehabilitation for rescued marine wildlife found in difficulty around Ireland's coast. 

My name is Sarah Fields, Education Officer with the Irish Seal Sanctuary and I have been looking at innovative ways and resources to integrate seals and the marine environment into the classroom.  I developed this Web Quest as a resource to support the SESE Curriculum for Teachers and raise awareness and understanding of the Grey and Harbour Seal in Ireland among students. 

I first heard of Web Quests from my sister, Helen who is a primary school teacher, also doing her MSc in ICT and the growing trend of integrating this into subjects that are taught.  Web Quests are a great tool which allows students to have independent research, analysis, creativity and group interaction. 


Thank you to and the maker of 'Wildlife Adventure' webquest for the inspiration and many available examples of great webquests to learn from and adapt. 


Thank you to for providing the facility and guidance to develop this webquest.   


Images & Illustrations: Provided by the Irish Seal Sanctuary



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