by Sarah Fields

The Irish Seal Sanctuary presents a discovery and exploratory exercise for Primary School students in 5th and 6th Class. In Ireland, we have two species of Seals, the Grey Seal and the Harbour Seal, also known as the Common Seal. This Webquest will allow you 'Discover Seals in Ireland' as Wildlife Experts.

Teacher Introduction

 Welcome to the Teacher Page!

This Webquest has been designed by the Irish Seal Sanctuary to create an interesting format in which students from 5th to 6th Class can investigate native marine animals such as Seals. 

This webquest entitled 'Discover Seals in Ireland' wants your students to learn about seals, a marine mammal and their habitat around Ireland's coast.  They will investigate their home, their body and their lives. 

Your students have been assigned a project to compile information on either the Grey Seal or the Harbour Seal into a booklet.  They will do this through being assigned particular tasks and the responsiblities of a wildlife expert such as a veterinarian or a zoologist and gather information using the internet or wildlife books from a library. 

Best of Luck!

Sarah Fields

Education Officer, Irish Seal Sanctuary