You and your team will now go on an adventure of seek and discover as a team of wildlife experts.  Representing the experts will be a Zoologist, Marine Biologist, Veterinarian, Photographer and Navigator.   


What Does Each Expert Do?  If you are a......

  1. Zoologist:  Your task will be to find information about a seals behaviour and describe it.   
  2. Marine Biologist: Your task will be to find information about a Seals Body, their senses and movements  
  3. Veterinarian: Your task will be to find information about Seal welfare issues and how they are looked after by the Irish Seal Sanctuary through rescue and rehabilitation.   
  4. Photographer: Find pictures of seals and the coastline, including illustrations needed to bring your presentation to life such as drawings and distribution maps.   
  5. Navigator: Find out where you would find seals in your local coastal area or within Ireland . What do they need to survive in their home? Help the others in your team to stay focused. 


Next Step is to Work as a Team.  What is Your Team Mission?

1. Form a Team with the help of your teacher.

2. Choose a Seal Species that lives in Ireland, either the Grey Seal or the Harbour Seal.   

3. Once each member of the team has been given and understand their role, they should

    continue onto Process and follow the instructions to complete their Task.

4. Use your expert role guideline above and answer the questions to gather your information.   


Your ultimate goal is to research your particular area of expertise and then come together with your team.  Your team can give a great overview of the particular seal you have chosen that is found in Ireland.   This research will then be put together in a presentation booklet and presented to your teacher and fellow students.  


Each member of the team should answer the following questions;  

  1. Find out their name and taxonomy (what type of animal are seals? how are they classified?) 
  2. Find out something special and interest about them. 
  3. What do you think about what you have discovered and seen about seals?  


Extra Activity:

Head to Head Final Quiz 

A team of experts investigating the Harbour and Grey Seals should be put head to head for a quiz on similarities and differences between the species of seals.