Historians estimate that somewhere between 900,000 and 2,000,000 Native Americans lived in North America before Christopher Columbus arrived in North America in 1492.  Native Americans still live in North America but their lives, like all people, are very different from their ancesters of hundreds of years ago.  Native Americans' ways of living changed a lot because of Europeans coming to North America.  (We will learn more about this later.)  You will be using this webquest to learn more about the lives of Native Americans when they had the land to themselves.  You will be experts about the Eastern Woodlands when you complete your quest!

   As you come across important and interesting information, you may want to write down some quick notes.  However, most of your time should be spent reading.

Welcome to the Eastern Woodlands!  

   In the time and place that we are researching, North America had not yet been divided up into countries and states.  (In fact, it wasn't even called North America yet!)  So, we call the land on the eastern part of the continent during this time the Eastern Woodlands. Present-Day New York State was a part of the Eastern Woodlands.

Who are the Native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands?

   There are 2 groups of people who lived in the part of the Eastern Woodlands that is now New York State.

The Haudenosaunee 

The Algonquin

   To find out more about the types of houses that the Algonquin and Haudenosaunee built and lived in, read the webpages below.  They sure are a lot different from a Brooklyn brownstone! 

Algonquin Homes

Haudenosaunee Homes

   You have now read about the importance of nature to both the Haudenosaunee and the Algonquin.  Now read how they respected nature in their everyday lives.  They relied on nature for food, clothing and basic survival. 

The Dance of the Three Sisters

   Click on the links under "Cornhusks" to see how the husks of corns were used for many things.  Read some of the recipes from the Iroquois Cookbook.

The Many Uses of Cornhusks & Recipes from the Iroquois Cookbook

   Native Americans were very knowledgeable about the land and waterways of the Eastern Woodlands.  They built canoes and traveled the many rivers throughout the Eastern Woodlands in them.


An Up Close Look at a Canoe

   In addition to learning how and what they hunted, this link will teach you about the jobs of men and women and what role children played.  After reading, you will know how the Iroquois and Algonquin are similar and how they are different.  (If you need help reading, please work with a partner or ask me for help.)

All about the Algonquian

All About the Haudenosaunee

   Other important things to know:

What is wampum?

   To find out more about lacrosse, watch the short introduction, then click on "Enter Site."  On the left hand side, click on the purple button called "Story of Lacrosse."


What is lacrosse?

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