As a team you will investigate the different presidents and other people on the United States Coins in circluation.

It will be your job to find out who is on our money.

You will investigate the penny, nickel, dime, quater, half dollar, Susan B. Anthony Dollar, and the Sacagawea Golden Dollar

Throughout your investigation, some of the questions that you should answer are:

Who is the person on the coin?

What did they do?  When did they do it?  Where did they do it?  Please include interesting facts on each person as well.

You will compile this information to create a directory that you will share with the rest of your class.

These are some helpful websites that you can use to complete your investigation.

Create a chart like this to help you collect your information.







Interesting Facts 



1 cent 


Abraham Lincoln


1809 -1865


Born in Kentucky

President in Washington D.C.  

16th President 


Was president during the Civil War






































Half Dollar










Susan B. Anthony Dollar



















Sacagawea Golden Dollar



















Remember to cite your research.

Your final product will be a directory for your fellow classmates.

Create a booklet that neatly displays your results.

Use about a half of page per person. 

Include the facts that you listed in your table using complete sentences.

General format:                   Be creative.

The Penny

The Penny is worth one cent. 

     Abraham Lincoln is on the United States Penny.  He was born in Kentucky in 1809.  He died in 1865.  He was our 16th president.  He was president during the Civil War and he helped to free the slaves.  He wrote the Emmancipation Proclaimation.

He is on the penny becuase he was a great man.