by Karen Grant, South Jefferson Elementary

This webquest is geared for K - 2nd graders. It is a study of important people in our history that investigates our United States currency.

Teacher Introduction

This is a webquest created for children of various ages.  It is intended to let children look at important people in our history through a different viewpoint or lens.  Originally it was to be created for kindergarteners, however, I did not see any websites that could be used by kindergarteners independently to get information on money and the presidents.  The information would have to be read to the students if they are not fluent readers. 

The webquest investigates the people on our US currency (focusing on change that is still incirculation.) 

Check out the Enchanted Learning Website for lots of printables on money and the US Presidents.  I was really surprised with all of the different things that they have.

This is my first webquest.  So I look forward to hearing from anyone with more links, insight, ideas, and suggestions.  It is a work in progress so I also appreciate your patience and understanding.