by Jessica Scutt, University Of Georgia

This WebQuest was designed for students learning about the history, geography, government, and economy of the state of Georgia. As part of the Georgia Standards of Education, Eighth Grade students are required to acquire knowledge in those four areas. This WebQuest is also a helpful way for the teacher to engage the students.



Georgia is a wonderful and beautiful state located in the southeast of the United States.  To many, it is just another southern state, but to us, it is home. 

In 1732, General James Oglethorpe and 125 colonists traveled across the ocean towards the New World.  After two long months, they finally settled on a new colony which they decided to name Georgia after King George II.  This event in history established Georgia has the last of the 13 original colonies, and also established a home to many people from around the world.

For this project, you and a group of your classmates are going to try and increase tourism in Georgia.  We want to encourage people from all over the United States and even all over the world to come and visit our beautiful home.  Our goal is to help Georgia become the thriving tourist attraction it once was.  Along the way you will learn about the history, geography, government, and economics of your great home state while having fun! So get ready and let's put Georgia back on the tourists' maps!