by Nichole Raiewski, O'Farrell Community Middle School

Students will know the derivation of the quadratic formula, and additionally how and why to use it. With these skills they will solve equations and come up with a fun way to teach the quadratic formula to a class of alien students from the planet Nomathus.


At 9 o'clock this morning, as you were walking into your second period class, a huge silver UFO overheated and crashed onto the PE field!


As the dust and steam settled, a silver sliding door opened and 3 aliens from the planet Nomathus crawled out.

While the unsuspecting sixth graders got changed in the locker rooms, the devious aliens crept down the ramp to explore the strange new planet they found themselves on. They made their way to room 217 and stood in the doorway to your classroom. By the time their UFO cools down enough for them to take off again, you are going to have the opportunity to teach them a lesson: The Quadratic Formula.