by Liz Gilbert, PA Leadership Charter School

In this WebQuest, you will investigate the lives of people in Eastern and Western Germany after World War II and before the reunification in 1990. By exploring the pros and cons of their lives, you will come to a conclusion on which group had better lives, and present an argument for your decision to the class.


A man sneaks quietly in the dark.  He head for the Spree River, and jumps in, as quietly as possible.  He swims, barely making a splash - a difficult feat, given the distance and water temperature.  The tense moment comes - he must climb over a partially submerged fence, and expose most of his body.  He makes it!  He keeps swimming and finally reaches the shore on the other side!  He's successful!  He has escaped!


Ask yourself:  what is he escaping from?  Is this for-real?  Where's the Spree River?  Why in there a fence in the river? 

Within this WebQuest, you will search for such answers, looking at reasons why people stayed in East Germany, escaped from East Germany, and what was so alluring about West Germany.