Battlefield Reporter

Identify and report about three major battles of the American Revolution in addition to Yorktown and Lexington.

Compare advantages and disadvantages of the British and Americans with regards to fighting the battles.


You will write a summary of the battles page and include important information like the number of troops involved, the leaders of each, etc. Use Bar graphs and charts to compare soldiers that were wounded or killed on both sides. Include illustrations!





Create a timeline of 15-20 important events/battles during the war.  Each event should have a description of the important information and pictures. 

Create a graph comparing war costs and casualties. 

You will create a timeline Page that incorporates all of the important event, including battles, treaties, “parties”,  etc.

Bar graphs can be found here.




Business/Politics Reporter

This task is important. Someone needs to report on the policies and other events of the American Revolution. It is your task to found out about these documented events that led up to the American Revolution and events that led to American Independence.  

Your newspaper section/page will need to document these important events. Be sure to include graphic/illustrations for good presentation quality





Write a short report on the causes of the war.

Identify and inform the class on 2 important women and 2 important or famous African Americans during the American Revolution and inform the class about the outcome of the War.

Identify and inform the class of  3 important people from each side of the war.  This may include Kings,  generals, etc.

Your page will include your short report and needs to include short biographies of key people of the American Revolution.


Writing the Newspaper

After all the research that is need is gathered, each person will write and design their newspaper page using the information collected in their journal. Be sure to make sure you use proper mechanics and  use colorful language to get the reader's attention. Also be sure to include graphics or illustrations on the newspaper page. Mr. Garland can scan personal illustrations.


Important Resources about:

The American Revolution

A Journey Towards Freedom: An online reference tool and a forum for discussion on American History around the time of the Revolution (1763-1810); an illustrated tour of Valley Forge and Washington's Crossing. Visit these historic sites online in the Infopedia and get a feel for how it might have felt to be a soldier at the time of the Revolution

American Revolution - The Struggle for Independence:Your guide to some of the most informative and useful Web sites that cover the American Revolution

Account of a Declaration: Over thirty historical documents, sixty-seven biographical sketches, and some twenty-five essays about the causes and circumstances of the American Revolution

The American Revolution: A Timeline of the Period of Revolution: An EXTENSIVE timeline of events; the most important events include a text explanation

American Revolution Links: Lots of informational links to siteswith facts and information about the American Revolution

Chronicle of the Revolution

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History: The Revolutionary War: For more than 225 years the principle of freedom and our understanding of its implications have evolved dramatically. The selections from this exhibition invite you to read the words and see the images of the men and women who forged this nation. Their words and images provide insights into the complexity of the past. This module on the American Revolution contains a succinct historical overview, learning tools, recommended documents, films, and historic images.

Jump Back in Time: American Revolution: Facts and information about the American Revolution

Liberty: Chronicle of the American Revolution: Headlines, timelines, resource material and related topics---a potpourri of information on the American Revolution. Picture this: Daily Life in the Colonies, the Global Village, and a Military point-of-view

Major Events of the American Revolution

Outline of American History: THE ROAD TO INDEPENDENCE: A New Colonial System -- Stamp Act -- Taxation Without Representation - Townshend Acts-- Samuel Adams -- Boston "Tea Party" -- The Coercive Acts -The Revolution Begins -- Common Sense and Independence -- Defeats and Victories- Franco-American Alliance -- The British Move South -- Victory and Independence Loyalists During the American Revolution

The Patriot Resource: Information about the entire Revolutionary War, although most information is regarding the events in the South's role in the war

RevWar 75: Facts about the Continental Army; Orderly Books of the Crown Forces in America; Revolutionary War Articles

The Road to Independence: Facts and information about what lead to the American Revolutionary War and the war itself

Spy Letters of the American Revolution: A fascinating Web site about the American Revolution. The site offers a set of primary source letters written by spies on both sides of the conflict, plus the stories surrounding them. Learn about the methods that secret agents used to encode and hide their information

Time Line, America During the Age of Revolution, 1764-1775: Dates and facts

Tour of the American Revolutionary War: Causes, battles, and biographies, writings, links

Causes of the Revolution Causes of the AmericanRevolutionary War Reasons for the Revolution on the Colonial Williamsburg's Web Site Opening Causes and Events Leading to the American Revolution Causes of the AmericanRevolutionary War Causes and Early Troubles Road to Independence
Taxes Imposed by the British Government Against the American Colonists Stamp Act Crisis Boston Massacre Summary of the 1765 Stamp Act The Boston Massacre Stamp Tax Passed Boston Tea Party Stamp Act Riots and Tarring and Feathering The Boston Tea Party Townshend Duties The Boston Tea Party Townshend Duties Repealed Intolerable Acts Whiskey Rebellion The Stamp Act
Events Important to the Beginning of the Revolution Continental Congress Declaration and Resolves of the First Continental Congress The Committee of Correspondence:Moving Towards Independence First Continental Congress Second Continental Congress Revolutionary AmericaCommittees of Correspondence Congress Declares Independence The Work of the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention
People Important to the Beginning of the Revolution James Otis Samuel Adams Biography Paul Revere Biography Samuel Adams - Facts Paul Revere's Midnight Ride Ethan Allen Paul Revere Virtual Museum Crispus Attucks Paul Revere Murder of Crispus Attucks Richard Henry Lee John Hancock Sons of Liberty Patrick Henry Henry's Speech: "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" Patrick Henry Biography Sons of Liberty: Patriots or Terrorists John Langdon King George III
The Declaration of Independence The Declaration of Independence Drafting the Declaration of Independence Declaration of Independence from the History Channe A History of the Declaration of Independence Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies Liberty: Independence
People Important to The Declaration of Independence

Account of a Declaration: Biographies: Biographies and pictures of: John Adams, Samuel Adams, Josiah Bartlett, Carter Brazton, Edmund Burke, Charles Carroll of Carrollton, Samuel Chase, Abraham Clark, George Clymer, John Dickinson, William Ellery

Biographies of America's Founding Fathers Who Signed the Declaration of Independence

John Adams: A Biography Benjamin Franklin: Glimpses of the Man Thomas Paine John Adams :John Locke Thomas Jefferson John Quincy Adams: His LIfe Thomas Paine: The American Crisis Thomas Jefferson: His Life Benjamin Franklin - In His Own Words


Glossary and Timelines of The American Revolution   An Unlikely Victory 1777 - 1783 Timeline During the Age of Revolution - 1764-1775 Colonial Timeline of the American Revolution Timeline of the Revolution Prelude to the American Revolution: A Timeline of Events :Timeline of the Revolutionary War
Important Maps of The American Revolution U.S. Historical Maps (Revolutionary War Maps Included)
Important Readings from The American Revolution Revolutionary War Quotations
The Continental Army The US Continental Army
People Important to The Continental Army "Mad Anthony" Wayne : George Washington: His Life Biography of George Washington The Hessians George Washington : Martha Washington George Washington Picture Gallery Papers of George Washington
Slavery and The Continental Army Slavery and the American Revolution
Loyalists Maryland Loyalists and the American Revolution
Patriots Patriots of the American Revolution Sons of Liberty
People Important to Turning Points in the Revolution   Henry Knox Marquis de Lafayette Thaddeus Kosciuszko Baron Friedrich von Steuben Thaddeus Kosciuszko Who Served Here: Baron von Steuben

The Oneidas and the American Revolution:A brief history of the tribe in the years prior to the War, and the story of the alliance with the new government during the Revolution; illustrated

Battles  of the American Revolution

Battle of Bennington 

Battle of Fort Henry Facts Battle at Saratoga Battle of Bennington Facts Battle of Germantown Saratoga Battle of Brandywine Germantown Saratoga Battle Facts Brandywine Battle of Fort Grisworld Brandywine Battle Information Battle of Fort Guilford Court House Burgoyne Surrenders at Saratoga Battle of Bunker Hill The Battle of King's Mountain The Battle of Ticonderoga Battle of Bunker Hill Benedict Arnold on Lake Champlain: The Battle of Valcour Island Ticondero The Battle of Bunker Hill Battle of Lake Champlain The Battle of Trenton Bunker Hill Battle of Lexington and Concord Trenton Battle of Camden Lexington and Concord Historic Valley Forge Battle of Camden Facts Battle of Long Island Valley Forge Battle of Charleston Harbor: Battle Monmouth Yorktown is Won! Battle of Cowpens Monmouth Cowpens Battle of Princeton Battle of Fort Henry Battle of Quebec
Battle at Sea John Paul Jones John Paul Jones: The Bonhomme Richard
People Important to Independence Arnold Invades Quebec Joseph Brant General Nathanael Greene Benedict Arnold George Rogers Clark Major General Nathanael Greene Benedict Arnold, the Enigma General George Rogers Clark Nathan Hale Benedict Arnold General Charles Cornwallis Nathan Hale, American Revolution Patriot
Documents Important to Independence at Last Documents Important to the Struggle for Independence
Forts of The American Revolution Fort Knox Fort Ticonderoga
States and Their Importance to The American Revolution Georgia History in the American Revolution New Jersey in the Revolution
Women of The American Revolution

Important Women of the American Revolution: Links to sites which contain important facts about the women important to the American Revolution

Nancy Morgan Hart:Legendary heroine of the Revolutionary War, part-time spy, full-time Patriot, she helped to defend the State of Georgia and single-handedly captured a small group of Tories.

Molly Pitcher: Her story; pictures

Women Soldiers in the the Revolutionary War: Links to sites about women soldiers important to the American Revolution

Flags of The American Revolution Flags of the American Revolution

The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell
History of The American Flag Betsy Ross History of the American Flag
Maps of Early America

Rare Map Collection - Colonial America

Links Sites That Contain Information About the American Revolution

Eyewitness - History Through the Eyes of Those Who Lived It: A Fascinating interactive site to get detailed, first-hand accounts of what it was like in the Ancient World, Medieval times, the Civil War, the Old West, and many other historical time periods. See the Destruction of Pompeii in 79 AD brought vividly to life through eyewitness accounts, maps, diagrams, images of other volcanic disasters, and pictures of uncovered ruins. Witness the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 from the view of its survivors. Get first-hand accounts of the death of Thomas a Becket, Frederick Douglass' escape from slavery, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Capt. Robert Scott's doomed expedition to the South Pole, and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid's great Union-Pacific train robbery, andMORE

Colonial America: Historical facts and information, links to other important sites

Cycles of History: The Colonial Cycle: A tremendous site: Timelines, historical information, maps. Link