by Pam Karzen, Piedmont College

How much do you know about U.S. coins? Who are the people, places, and American symbols depicted on these coins? How are coins made? Who would you chose to be represented on a new coin if given the chance? This Web Quest will answer all these questions and more. So, dig into your pocket, shake your piggy bank, and flip a coin to decide if you are ready to learn something new about American history and U.S. coins.


This Web Quest was created to help fourth grade students learn more about historical figures, events, monuments, places, and symbols of American history-especially those represented on U.S. coins.  The students will research current U.S. coins and learn facts about each one.  They will design a new $2 coin, write a persuasive letter as to why the person they have chosen is relevant to American history and why they should be represented on the new coin.  The Web Quest centers around teamwork, creativity, writing skills, knowledge of U.S. history and basic technology skills.