Note: For those teachers that have to use letter grade, you can easily convert the scores or an average of the total score to a letter grade.  1="D", 2= "C", 3= "B", and 4="A." Anything below a "1" constitutes the grade "F."












Design of PowerPoint Presentation

Project is unattractive or inappropriate. 

Text is difficult to read. 

Background and graphics are distracting.

Project appears busy or boring. 

Text may be difficult to read.

Background and graphics are somewhat distracting.

The project is eye-catching and attractive. 

Text is easy to read.

The background is subtle and appropriate.

Project is creatively designed with text in tables.

Graphics and pictures enhance the poster.


Persuasive Technique(s)

No persuasive technique has been used.

Persuasive technique is weak or not appropriate.

Has chosen a persuasive technique to adequately use, but with more thought it could be improved.   Has interesting use of a persuasive technique.  It adds to the credibility or  the project.



Information is poorly written, inaccurate, or incomplete. Some information is provided, but is limited or inaccurate. Information is well written and interesting.   Information is accurate and complete, is creatively written, and is cleverly presented.




Only one source for information is used.  Title may be missing. Information mislabled or missing.  Inaccurate title or information. Title and sources are correct, but could be improved with some thought of placement. Title is correct.  Titles and sources are attractive.  Both titles and sources add something to the project.


Following Classroom Guidelines

Students are often out of their area without permission and is disruptive to the class. Students occasionally leaves the area without permission.  Students stays in their area and talks quietly to their own partners. Students are always on task, stay in their own area, and work quietly.  Students followed project directions and classroom directions.