by Maryela Saucedo, SWJH

Persuasion is all around us. This WebQuest is designed to give you and your students the opportunity to look at persuasive documents, articles and editorials. Being able to distinguish between fact, and opinion provides us with the tools to be successful in our society. Students will have the opportunity to use their critical reading skills to review websites and gather factual information to incorporate in a persuasive essay.


Don't we always complain about the cafeteria food at school being so awful? Imagine not being able to attend school and having nothing to eat for days...this a reality for millions of children in developing nations.  Today you will have the opportunity to research child labor in third world nations, and develop an argument for or against this issue affecting children.  You will have the opportunity to voice your opinion and persuade others to agree with you.  This WebQuest will help you locate factual information and incorporate it into your persuasive essay.  You will then have the opportunity to share your work with your classmates by presenting a multimedia presentation.