Step 1: In your group(determined by your teacher), investigate and understand what the terms child labor and third-world nations are.

What is child labor? 

What is the third-world?

Step 2:  In your group, select one of the third-world nations.  As a group, make a web with all the information you have gathered from the websites provided below:


Latin America:


Helpful Websites:

Step 3:  Determine you position. Are you for and against child labor in third world nations? Write thesis statement, this is where you state what you want to change or persuade.

Step 4:  Write your persuasive essay using factual information gathered from the websites.  Use the website below to help you with the outline for writing a persuasive essay. 

Step 5:  Develop a PowerPoint presentation to present to the class. Include pictures, graphs, and you essay.