Let's begin by learning more about babysitting, child development, and child safety.  If you've read this far, you must genuinely like kids!  That's the first step.  Becoming familiar with how to work with, play with, and care for children is the next step, even if you feel that you are a "natural" when it comes to interacting with kids. 

  1. Every child of any age has unique qualities:  a three-year-old boy will need your constant attention, unlike a seven-year-old, who may need your guidance in specific activities.  How will you keep children active and busy?  How will you ensure their safety?  How can you earn a parent's trust?

It's time to do some research.  Start by investigating these web resources.  Then complete the assignment below.

Assignment:  Create a porfolio or list of activities and materials to take with you to a babysitting job.  Sort the activities and materials by the age of the child.  Use a software program, like Microsoft Word or Inspiration to make a professional looking plan that can be shared with parents.  (Click the programs to see examples.)

2.  To be considered a trustworthy, highly-skilled, and even professional babysitter, many parents will ask if you have taken a certified babysitting and child-safety course.  Use these resources to locate a course in your area:

 Now it's time to apply the knowledge you have gained about babysitting and working with children.  Let's shape this knowledge into something you can a plan for your babysitting business!

  1. Start by investigating the following websites about developing a babysitting business.  Then complete the assignment below.

Assignment:  Use the interactive tool at "A Guide to the Business of Babysitting" to make your own flyer to print and distribute to parents.  Remember:

If you are not satisfied with the flyer created by this interactive tool, use a program such as Microsoft Publisher to create your own.  (Click the program name to see a sample.)  Just don't forget to include all necessary information!

 As your babysitting business gets going, there are some other actions that you should take in order to ensure your success!

  1. Evaluating your performance as a babysitter will help you learn and ensure that you are continually successful. 
    • Consider using an electronic survey using a tool such as Survey Monkey.  See this example:  Babysitting Survey.  You can create your own survey, e-mail the link to parents, or leave it with a note about their child's time spent with you. 
    • Use this feedback, no matter how good or bad, to improve and grow!
  2. Another important aspect of your business is to keep track of the money that you earn. 
    • Try using a spreadsheet in a program like Microsoft Excel to help you keep track of your finances.  (Click the program name to see a sample.)  This could be helpful in communicating with parents as well as allowing you to keep track of your jobs.