Congratulations! You have been asked to serve on the trial of the century.

 The Three Little Pigs vs. Alexander T. Wolf

The Accused:  Mr. Alexander T. Wolf (also know as Big Bad)

The Crimes:    Murder in the First Degree                                       

                       Attempted Murder

                       Destruction of Property

The Victims:    The Three Little Pigs                       

Mr. Wolf has plead, NOT GUILTY, and the trial date is set for today, this very moment. You are one of twelve members who will decide Mr. Wolf’s fate. Listen to all testimonies carefully. Consider all of the evidence. Then, make your decision. It will be up to you to convince the other jurors that Mr. Wolf is guilty or innocent. 

Before you begin, you need to understand what a juror does.  

Click on the courthouse doors below for more information about the courtroom that you'll be spending the next few days in. I hope you've got a good seat, because it's going to be quite a show.

Good Luck.