by Kimberly Alexopoulos, Northwestern University

Students will plan their futures and set education and career goals by exploring and analyzing various careers and understanding education, skills, finances, and other prerequisites to achieving their career goals. Then, students will learn how to prepare budgets and savings plans to meet financial wants and needs. Students will prepare career plans, current and future budgets using Excel, and savings plan reports and present them in groups via Power Point Presentations or other visual and verbal means.


 Do you have lifelong dreams? 


Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? 

What is your dream job?


Have you ever wondered how much you will make?

        Do you want to be a millionaire?         

(Psst ... If you want to make $1,000,000, take a sneak peak at what this project is all about and go to

Then, click on "Savings," then "Savings & Earning Interest," then find the "Millionaire Calculator" at the bottom of the page and find out how much and how long you will have to save to become a millionaire!) 

Will you be flying through the clear blue skies?  Dancing in a Broadway play, strutting your stuff down a runway, or in front of the big screen and living in Hollywood?  Will you be convincing a jury to hand down a verdict of guilty or not guilty or maybe saving someone's life in an emergency?  Maybe you see yourself fixing cars or other necessary mechanical devices or even helping out the environment by removing garbage and recycling waste and other products. Hey, you could be a great driver and choose to transport people or things for a living.  Who knows, you may be a professional athlete and lucky enough to mix business with physical pleasure.  ... Or, maybe just maybe, you want to be like Mrs. A, an educator, because you love kids and learning!

... Whatever it is you want to be, you will explore it here and set your goals to accomplish your dreams! 

You will also plan for your financial future by applying your future salary to all the things you need and want in life!

So, turn those dreams into reality by continuing this WebQuest journey and completing all of your assignments. 

Good luck and happy planning!