What are the Elements of Music? 

The elements of music are things that can be found in all music, such as rhythm, melody, and form.  How many are there?  Some say 4, some say 5, or 6, or even 9!  How do they help us compose music?  How do they help us talk about music?  Why is it important to know about them?  You will find out in your task, the Application.

As a group, you will complete a chart for your application to the Great Garageband Composition Contest.  Visit the following web sites.  Fill in the chart with definitions, musical terms, and the visual symbols associated with the elements.  Include elements such as dynamics, tone color, and style under "Expression."  You may want to have different team members work on different elements, then put the charts together.  At the end, each of you will write a short paragraph telling why knowing these elements of music would be important for composing music in Garageband.  Staple your paragraphs to the chart.

 When your chart is finished, you are ready send in your Application!  Be sure each person's name is on the chart and you have attached your paragraphs.

Elements of Music I 

Elements of Music II  Go to the Table of Contents in the left sidebar.

Elements in the Bass Written for a bass lesson, but useful!

Music Symbols   in a chart

Sound Lounge  Plan to spend some time here!   

 You may also use the music series books in the room as resources.