by Paula Kaplan, Marshall University

Modified by Kathy Snyder, Norwood Public

Student teams will study volcanoes and volcanic events from the distant and recent past, as well as the development of technology for monitoring and predicting volcanic events. They will produce a multimedia presentation including maps, charts, illustrations, and descriptions of volcanoes and technologies. They will analyze their research in order to recommend which monitoring and prediction technology is the most promising and most deserving of financial support.


Based on the theories of Albert Einstein and others, you and your team of experts have successfully created the first and only working device for time travel.  
Governments and scientific institutions around the world are eager to use your device, in some cases offering you large amounts of money if you will do what they ask.  Of course, there are those who would try to use this device for personal gain and world domination, but you and your team are devoted to using it for peaceful purposes and scientific research intended to help improve the quality of life for all people.  
The team has waded through the many requests and has carefully selected your first mission:

Predicting Volcanic Events

sponsored by the

Society for Overcoming Lethal Volcanic Events (SOLVE).