by Kathy Snyder, Mary Help of Christians Academy

The webquest explores deep-sea coral habitats. Students will identify human threats to these communities, and create a strategic plan to enlist peer and community support, and then take action. At the end of the project, students will understand the key role of these animals, and the many ways lack of human understanding imperils them.


Your future depends upon the health of deep-sea coral communities!

How important are deep-sea corals?  How do human activities impact living things in the deep ocean?  You and your team will conduct research to discover the importance of deep-sea coral communities and their interaction with us! You will use your knowledge to form a corporation, develop a marketing plan, and hold an action meeting to implore others to make changes in their lifestyles and decisions.  Your corporation will create a T-shirt,visor, hat, or tie, a brochure, and acquire investors to launch your campaign.

This unit should take a minimum of two weeks (assuming classes meet daily for approximately 40 minutes.)  Some homework is expected; this will take the form of the written reports and research.  Extensions to the study of vertebrate anatomy and physiology, renewable and nonrenewable natural resources, ecosystems and succession can be made if the teacher desires.