The Basics

Click on the picture of the plant to review plant characteristics.

The Research

*Save all of your work in a folder on your desktop,  your thumb drive, or in Evernote.*

Step 1

1. Identify the major characteristics of the three divisions of Kingdom Plantae.

 2.   How do you plant seeds to grow flowers or vegetables?



Step 2

Now that you understand the basic classifications and characteristics, you need some pictures of the plants you will include in your nursery.

 1. Save two pictures of each of the major plant classifications into your class folder. You will need these to design a seed envelope for prospective purchasers.

2. Provide both their common and scientific names.Create an annotated list of the websites you used.


Click on the cacti to get plant pictures.


The Plan

Step III

Here's where the rubber meets the road! Let's put your research into practice!

In this step you will make a map of your nursery.

1. Choose a name for your nursery.

2. Make a map of the location of each species within your nursery.

    A. Make sure that you include all the major classifications you researched and at least

         two examples of plants in each.  

    B.  Orient your nursery using a compass rose.  Be able to explain the amount of sunlight that will provide your plants their necessary energy for photosynthesis, and when it is available to them each day.

    C. Create a poster no less than 1.5 by 2 feet in size to present your nursery design.

    D. Have available for your presentation both the poster and seed envelopes for each plant in your nursery.

    E.  Make sure you document the source from which images of your plants were obtained.

     F.  You may draw your own pictures, but should still provide web references.


Brainstorming Ideas


Kids Gardening Reference




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