by Sarah Clark, Holy Spirit Academy

This is a WebQuest designed to teach compacted curriculum. This is a grade 5 Science unit on Wetlands and Ecosystems.








Poof!  Another wetland just disappeared.  They are vanishing by the minute.  Someone needs to stop this madness!  Poof , there goes another.  Your help is needed!  Who is taking them?  Why are they disappearing?  What is disappearing with them? 

Since you are a magician I thought you could help.  You know all the secrets to magic acts.  This is the most puzzling magic act I've encountered.   I realize you may not know much about Wetlands but you knowledge of magic will help me solve this mystery. So there are steps you must follow to get yourself aquantied with Wetlands before saving them.  Follow the webquest for clues that will help expose this magic act!