by Kristin Fernandes, Pontiac Central High School

Students learn that, because anyone can publish on the Web, they must carefully evaluate the sites they use for research. They review evaluation criteria and use a checklist to "grade" informational sites. After evaluating websites they present to their classmates the findings of their team.


Northwest Tree Octopus! Victorian Robots! Velcro growing in California! You've got to be kidding! Don't these sound interesting? I didn't know there were whales in the Great Lakes. Did you? Just because something is on the internet doesn't mean it is true! How do we evaluate websites for accuracy and reliability, especially when they are on a topic with which we are unfamiliar? There are a number ot things to look for on a website to determine its validity as a reliable source of information. In this webquest we are going to examine three websites to see if they match our criterion for acceptability.