Working with a partner, do the following activities.  


Step 1: Read at least 10 traditional fairy tale stories


You can choose from the fairy tales on these websites:


Grimm's Fairy Tales


Kids Zone Fairy Tales


A Book of Fairy Tales


Grimm Stories


Classic Fairy Tales


Step 2: After reading the traditional fairy tales, you and your partner will choose one story that you will "fracture".


When you choose the fairy tale, plan the plot of the story and discuss the following questions with your partner:


      * What is the setting of the traditional story?  What is the         

        setting of our fractured fairy tale?

      * Are we going to change the point of view of the original story?

      * How will we change the characters in our fractured fairy tale?

      * What is the problem in our story?  What is the solution?

      * How can we make our story funny?


Remember, there are a lot of ways to fracture a fairy tale!

      * Change the main character

      * Change the setting (time or place)

      * Tell the story from a different character's point of view

      * Make the problem of the story different

      * Change an important item in the story (for example, the glass

        slipper in Cinderella) 

      * Change the ending of the story (maybe they don't live "happily

        ever after" after all!)



Step 3: Read at least 5 examples of fractured fairy tales.  This will give you some idea of how other authors have fractured various stories.


You can choose from the fractured fairy tales on these websites:  


Fractured Fairy Tales


Fractured Cinderella


Mrs. Jones Class Fractured Fairy Tales


Mrs. Steins Class Fractured Fairy Tales


Step 4: Write your own fractured fairy tale!


Your fractured fairy tale needs to meet the following requirements:

      * Your fractured fairy tale must be typed in Microsoft Word

      * Your fractured fairy tale must change from the original version,

        but the overall "flavor" of the story must be similar: it must be

        clear to the reader what fairy tale was fractured


** As you write your fractured fairy tale, go to the evaluation page and check the rubric to make sure you have met all of the requirements.


Step 5: Compare and contrast your fractured version to the original fairy tale in a Venn Diagram


After your fractured fairy tale is finished, compare and contrast your story to the original version: how are the stories similar?  How are they different?  You will create a graphic organizer called a Venn Diagram to show how the stories are similar and different. 


Create your Venn Diagram


When you arrive at the website, follow these instructions:

         1. In the "Title" box, type the title of your Venn Diagram.  The title will

            be the name of the original fairy tale vs. the name of your fractured


__________________ vs. _________________

                       (original story title)          (fractured story title)


         2. In the box "Label for Topic #1", list at least 3 ways that the original

              story is different from your fractured version


         3. In the box "Label for Topic #2", list at least 3 ways that your story is

            different from the original version


         4. In the box "Similarities Between Topics", list at least 3 things that are

             the same about your fractured version and the original story


         5. After you have entered all of your information, click "Create Venn 

             Diagram Worksheet"


         6. Print your finished Venn Diagram worksheet