Hooray! You've Finished the WebQuest & CBA!

Hopefully after using this WebQuest you have learned that the Constitution of the United States applies to current issues such as the removal of federal dams to save wild salmon.  You have also probably noticed that many stakeholders may be involved in big issues which makes it hard to make a final decision.  Living in America, people of all ages have protected rights and are called to be active citizens that accept responsibilities.  How will you make a difference?

Self Reflection Questions

  1. What is your final decision...should the four federal dams be removed on the Snake River?
  2. What did you enjoy about this project? Why?
  3. What did you do well on this project? Explain why and how.
  4. If you had the opportunity to do this project again, what would you do differently? Why?
  5. What is the most interesting thing you learned from doing this project? Why?

(Thoughtfully complete these questions on notebook paper and turn them into your teacher)

Well Done!

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