Task #1: Your group will  research and organize information about your assigned stakeholder's perspective concerning the removal of four federal dams on the Lower Snake River in order to save the wild salmon.

General information

Background: Snake River Dam Operation

Let the River Run Wild or Not? 

 Snake-Columbia River Map

Columbia River Salmon Plan Goes for Third Try 

1.   Using a variety of resources (at least three), research your assigned stakeholder's position.

Creating a bibliography

2.  Be sure you include the following in your research:


1.  Environmental Groups - Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Sierra Club, National Wildlife Federation, Washington Wildlife Federation

Snake Dams Defy Clean Water Act, EPA Says

EPA says that Snake River Dams Must Come Down by National Wildlife Federation

Fishing for a Future by National Wildlife Federation

Orcas on the Edge

Help for Puget Sound's Endangered Orcas 

2.  Eastern Washington Farmers

Breaching Dams may Save Salmon but Leave Farmers High and Dry

Removing Dams Effects Farmer's Crops Getting to Market

River Ways: Family Wheat Farmers

Breaching Snake River Dams Would Boost Wheat Costs, COE Says

Farmers Stand to see Lifetime Investment Bulldozed

3.  Fishermen - Commercial or Sports

River Ways: Commercial Fisherman

Fishermen, Conservationists Issue New Legal Challenge to Salmon Plan

Dams and Salmon:  Why Some Dams Must Go!

Restrictions tightening on Columbia

4.  Northwest Hydroelectric Utility Companies - Bonneville Power Administration (BPA)

Costs of Breaching the Lower Snake River Dams

Energy Crisis Affects Snake River Dam Proposal 

The Snake River Dam Study:  Then and Now

The Power of the Columbia

Northwest River Partners

5.  Northwest Native Americans - Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, Northwest

Indian Fisheries Commission, Bureau of Indian Affairs

Nez Perce tribal leader speaks out for salmon recovery 

Removing the Dams Affects Tribal Fishing Law

River Ways: Tribal Fisherman

Columbia River Treaty Tribes

Native Fishery

6.  Taxpayers

Support Escalating for Removal of Four Lower Snake River Dams

Editorial Support Grows for Removing Snake River Dams to Save Salmon 

Lower Snake Dam Removal Could Save Taxpayers Billions

Salmon and the Economy 

Task #2: Your group will present your stakeholder's position in a Public Hearing.  You will be trying to influence the way in which a member of Congress votes on this issue. 

After researching your stakeholder's perspective, your group will prepare a presentation.  Your presentation will need to be one of these formats:

Your group will need to prepare a plan for your final presentation which must be approved by your teacher.  Please complete the planning worksheet.

CBA Project Planning Sheet.doc 

Your group will be scored according to the presentation rubric.  Each member of the group will be expected to participate cooperatively in this task.

Task #3: Individually you will state your informed opinion in a written paper.


  1. State whether or not you are in favor of the removal of four federal dams on the Lower Columbia in order to save the wild salmon.  In other words, take a position on this issue.

  2. Provide background on the issue by explaining two stakeholder's positions on this issue.

  3. Include an explanation of how EITHER a right OR the common good relates to the position on the issue (for a score of 4 you must have both a right and a common good explanation).

  4. List at least two sources including the title, author, type of source, and date of each source.

Stakeholder Notes Graphic Organizer 1

Stakeholder Notes Graphic Organizer 2

Creating a bibliography

Student Rubric for Written Paper