by Stephanie Bollen, Brier Elementary
Susan Lockhart, Maplewood K-8

Citizens in a democracy have the right and responsibility to make informed decisions. You will make an informed decision on a public issue after researching and discussing different perspectives on this issue.

Teacher Introduction

This website was created as an option for Edmonds (WA) School District teachers to use with their students to complete the requirements of the new Social Studies Classroom Based Assessment (CBA).

In the summer of 2008, new Washington State Essential Learning Requirements for Social Studies in grades K-12 were released.  In addition, expectations for classroom-based assessments in civics were defined.  For the 2008-2009 school year, You Decide:  Perspectives and Public Policy was selected to be administered in grade 5.  Following study of colonization and the founding of our nation, students will be asked to research, prepare a presentation and write a persuasive paper about the removal of four federal dams on the Snake River to demonstrate and apply their understanding of constitutional rights, responsibilities and the common good.