by Heidi Ostendorf, Lake Forest College

This WebQuest will give students and teachers a general overview of Pop Art- It's history, the artists involved and it's effect on culture.


Attention all artists!  Our principal, Mrs. Haversham, has just informed me that the box of various works of art from Pop Artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein has been destroyed.  She was going to use those works of art during our monthly assembly!



In the early to mid 1900's, critics and artists like the Abstract Expressionists were making art that was so confusing only a select few (art critics, artists, and gallery owners) could understand or even relate to it.  This move excluded an entire section of society- the average lower to middle-class consumer.  Just because they were not considered rich and elite did not mean that they did not appreciate art. 



Brushstroke, Roy Lichtenstein

 This is where the Pop Artists came in.  They recognized the unfairness of the art world and strove to change it.  They began to create art that the average consumer could relate to and to include objects with which they could easily identify.

Marylin, Andy Warhol


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