by Ashley Baclaan, UHWO
Jessica Kaminaga, UHWO
Teagan Logan, UH West Oahu
Tracy Takazono, UHWO

Explore the migration of the early Hawaiians. Where did they come from? How did they get to Hawaii? What did they bring with them? All of these questions will be answered when you explore this WebQuest. Learn Hawaiian culture and the art of non-instrumental navigation.



As a class, we will travel back in time and become the people of Tahiti. We will record our Hawaiian voyage because there is no written evidence of Polynesian migrations.

We will arrive during a time when the population is growing and there is little water and food. For our people to survive, will need to follow the guides of our ancestors who spoke of a promising island beneath the red star.

On this voyage to the island beneath the red star, we we'll need 4 experts on our journey; a Kahuna, a Captain, a Navigator, and a Storyteller. To be successful, each expert must do their part and work together or the voyage will fail.