Getting Started

Researchers, you must understand your expert's point of view before you can write your historical witness! Find out the answers to the following questions for your expert. Use your research to create your specific point of view to write your historical witness.



The Captain is in charge of the canoe, the crew, and the supplies. Find out the answers to the following questions:


The Navigator is in charge of the travel routes and is responsible for getting the canoe to the island beneath the red star.


The Kahuna is responsible for bringing our culture to the new land.


The Storyteller is responsible for communicating with other members to get information and setting the scene for the "video journal".





Researchers Resources

Who were the first Polynesians to come to Hawaii?




How did Polynesians find their way?

A first hand account from navigator Nainoa Thompson

Celestial Navigation simulator

Course between Tahiti and Hawaii

Map of Polynesian Triangle




graphics of ancient Hawaii

Polynesian Settlement Pattern

Food Pyramid

Food and Supplies


Things they brought



plants brought to Hawaii 



The spirit of Ohana

Learn about Hula

games and culture 


Daily life on the canoe

Daily Life

Writing Your Historical Witness

As a team you will create a documentary film featuring four episodes. You must write, rehearse and create a documentary based on your historical witness.

Click on the episodes below for instructions and be sure to answer all of the questions for your character. 

Important! Remember to include ideas you have gathered from your research.

   Episode 1: Introduction and Preparing to Migrate

   Episode 2: First Day at Sea

   Episode 3: Trouble at Sea: A Storm and No Wind

   Episode 4: Finding Land