Resources field trip idea for pre-contact Hawaii -thematic unit on voyaging -Standards with lesson plans, ideas, pictures, video, graphics etc classroom activities and resources from Polynesian Voyaging Society good read for teachers good current events article to relate to thematic unit beautiful paintings of life in ancient Hawaii

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More about Polynesians Introduction and dates to Polynesian Migration this is a website where you can get authentic materials for props, crafts and other Polynesian projects  `Ike Pono Hawai`i - Hawaiian Traveling Resource Program



The Vision of Mo'ikeha (Ka Moe'uhane O Mo'ikeha) by Nancy Alpert Mower

A Canoe for Uncle Kila (No Kila Ka Wa'a Kaulua) by Stanley Kapepa

The Voyage to Tahiti (Ka Huaka'i i Kahiki) by Nancy Alpert Mower

Hokule'a by Maralyn Blackman

A Curriculum Resource Guide on Polynesian Voyaging by Cecilia Kapua LindoTo Find a Way by Susan Nunes

The Island Below the Stars by James Rumford

Eddie Wen Go: The Story of the Upside-Down Canoe by Marion Lyman-Mersereau and Melissa DeSica

The Story of Hula by Carla Golemberg

The Hawaiians of Old by Betty Dunford

My America: HOPE IN MY HEART: Sofia's Ellis Island Diary, Book One, 1903

Hawaiina Antiquities by David Malo

Evenari, Gail K. Polynesian Voyaging & the Wayfinding Art, A Comprehensive Curriculum of Activities and Information for Teachers and Students. 1995. Sections include:

Mitchell, Donald D. Kilolani. Resource Units in Hawaiian Culture. The Kamehameha Schools Press. 1992.