Strand History 
Standard 3: History: PRE-CONTACT HAWAII HISTORY-Understand the people, events, problems, and ideas that were significant in pre-contact Hawaiian history
Topic Exploration, Migration, and Settlement
Benchmark SS.4.3.4 Describe the theories of early migrations from parts of Polynesia to Hawaii, including migration myths and legends
Topic Exploration, Migration, and Settlement
Benchmark SS.4.3.5 Identify reasons that early explorers, settlers, and immigrants came to Hawaii (including the influence of Pa'ao) or the Polynesian region and describe what their lives and experiences were like
Strand Reading 
Standard 2: Reading: READING COMPREHENSION: Use reading strategies to construct meaning from a variety of texts
Topic Constructing Meaning
Benchmark LA.4.2.4 Distinguish fact from opinion and cause from effect when reading informational texts


Strand Writing 
Standard 4: Writing: CONVENTIONS AND SKILLS: Use the writing process and conventions of language and research to construct meaning and communicate effectively for a variety of purposes and audiences using a range of forms

Topic Range of Writing
Benchmark LA.4.4.1 Write in a variety of grade-appropriate formats for a variety of purposes and audiences, such as:
? narratives that follow a plot and describe a setting and characters
? poems that provide insight into why the topic is memorable
? responses to literature
? reports that focus on a central question and incorporate summaries from research
? accounts based on personal experience that have a clear focus and supporting details
? pieces to reflect on learning and to solve problems


Strand Visual Arts 
Standard 1: VISUAL ARTS: Understand and apply art materials, techniques, and processes in the creation of works of art and understand how the visual arts communicate a variety of ideas, feelings, and experiences
Topic How the Arts are Organized
Benchmark FA.4.1.2 Use a combination of visual and performing arts to create an original artwork