by Ed Talbott, San Pasqual High School

This Webquest provides students with the opportunity to research famous mathematicians and their contributions to the field of mathematics. Students work in groups to conduct research, create a class presentation and write a paper summarizing their findings.



Your high school has decided to rename the school after a mathematician. You and your team have been asked to research a famous mathematician and present the information to a re-naming committee. You will work together with a team of three of four people to try to get your mathematician nominated. There are several sites included in this Web quest that contain biographies of famous mathematicians throughout history.  These biographies contain information about each mathematician. The committee will base their choice on the mathematicians biographical information and mathematical accomplishments. Your team should also research the historical events of that time period to give the committee a sense of what life was like during that mathematicians lifetime. Good Luck!



You may choose your mathematician from the list below:

John Napier
Galileo Galilei
Blaise Pascal
Isaac Newton
Leonhard Euler
Joseph Louis Lagrange
Sophie Germain
Carl Gauss
Evariste Galois
Emmy Noether
Srinivasa Ramanujan

Omar Khayyam
Leonard de Pisa (Fibonacci)
Girolama Cardano
Rene Descartes
Pierre de Fermat
Maria Agnesi
Benjamin Banneker
Charles Babbage
Mary Somerville
Neils Abel
Ada Lovelace
Sonya Kovalevsky
Albert Einstein
George Polya