Assignment 1--(2 Class Periods)

November 1-November 2

Class Work--No Homework

1.  Form groups of three (3) and assign each member letter A, B, or C.

2.   Objective:  Students will use the worksheet to gather information about the application/scholarship essay from one of three (3) online sources, compile findings in a Word document that is saved to the network F drive, and report findings back to group members.

         A.  CollegeBoard

         B.  Essay Lab

         C.  Essay Info.

3.  Save completed worksheets as your name followed by your assigned letter (ex. JohnSmithB, ElizabethFranklinA)  in your class folder located within the Schwabenbauer folder on the network F drive.  Do not print.


Assignment 2--(1 class period)

November 3, Thursday

Class Work--No Homework

Choose ONE of the following activities to complete during class.

1.  On a clean sheet of paper, complete the CollegeBoard quick start.


2.  Choose three possible prompts.  Use the sites below, college sites, or your own ideas (with prior approval) for suggestions.

         A.   CollegeBoard

         B.  Essay Lab

         C.  Essay Info.

            On a clean sheet of paper, journal for at least ten minutes in response to each prompt chosen.  Please remember to write each prompt first.


 Note:  You must complete this activity even if you already know what your topic is going to be.  The objective here is to generate ideas.

Assignment 3--(1 class period)

November 4, Friday--Last day to work in class

**The final product is Due by the end of the day on Tuesday, November 8.

Class Work & Homework

1.  Choose your topic and submit it for final approval.

2.  Review the 10 hints and tips (complete with examples to illustrate) from Write

3.  HOMEWORK--Choose one of the three sample essays below. 

                                       Sample 1

                                       Sample 2

                                       Sample 3

                                       Read it carefully.  PLEASE DO NOT PRINT SAMPLE PAPERS.

On a clean sheet of paper, clearly explain how the sample paper you studied illustrates at least three (3) of the hints suggested at Write