Compile List of Potentially Toxic Products


Cursory list with no connection to day-to-day urban activities
Relevant items, commonly mentioned in mainstream articles and periodicals Objects we come in contact with every day that can cause potentially toxic effects, described in scientific or technical journals. Surprising insights into products we might guess are safe, but in fact contain toxins that can accumulate in our bodies


Describe health effects from chemical exposure


Identify toxins associated with these products, without explanation of specific health effects
Narrow the health problems to specific body systems
Explain the chemical pathway from object to body part, and common symptoms of exposure. Find references to health studies done concerning these chemicals/products, offer possible treatment options.


Identify Informative Websites describing products/chemicals


Only list homepages of website that do not refer to the specific product/chemical in question
(e.g. webmd.com, google.com)

Specific webpages, but difficult to quickly find chemicals/products of concern
Well documented, official statistics, government information describing toxic problems
Expansive, exhaustive clearinghouse for toxic pathway exposures, including physiology, symptoms, and cures.


Create "Toxic Treatise" Pamphlet


List products, chemicals with little explanation
Describe how and where chemical exposures from these products will likely take place.
Evaluate which products are the most dangerous.. Offer guidance on how to minimize exposure to these chemicals.